Tips To Avoid Dry Winter Skin

As the days grow a little colder and winter sets in, people naturally turn on their heaters to stay warm. Being warm and cozy is wonderful, but it can take its toll on skin. Skin requires a certain amount of moisture to remain soft and supple, and when you turn on the heat it dries […]

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Do Milk, Cheese, and other Dairy Items Cause Breakouts?

Since they contain natural vitamins and minerals, milks, cheeses, and other dairy products are good for the body. They’ve even got their own real estate on the food pyramid. So they have to be good for us no matter what, right? Well, this isn’t exactly the case if you struggle with acne. Baton Rouge patients […]

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Know Your Skin Type: How to Care for the Skin You Have

Advice about skin care permeates magazines and infomercials. But before you start taking all these general tips for improved epidermal health, you’ve got to know and understand your own skin type. Ask any local dermatologist: Baton Rouge residents caring for their skin must go beyond simply washing, drinking water, moisturizing, and wearing sunscreen. In addition to these […]

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