Acne 101: Why Are My Normal Pimples Scarring?

You’ve heard it a thousand times now: don’t pick your pimples! Hopefully, you’ve taken that skin care advice to heart and left them alone to heal properly. But unfortunately, even the most vigilant non-pickers will find that every once in a while, a pimple that’s left alone still leaves its mark. But these aren’t actually […]

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Skincare Myth Busters: Does Dandruff Really Cause Hair Loss?

One of the most commonly asked questions at The Dermatology Clinic is, “Could my dandruff be causing me to lose hair?” The answer is, yes and no. While the mere presence of dandruff won’t cause hair loss, it can contribute indirectly to thinning hair. Dandruff and Hair Loss Dandruff, a skin condition affecting the scalp, […]

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