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Annual Skin


Maintain Good Health – Stay on Track with Your Annual Dermatology Appointments!

Each of our doctors has completed four years of college, four years of medical school, and three years of medical residency in order to pass the American Board of Dermatology’s required exam to become a board-certified dermatologist. With over a decade of training and tens of thousands of patient care hours, The Dermatology Clinic team excels at identifying and treating skin, hair, or nail concerns through annual skin checks.

Everyone should schedule an annual appointment with a dermatologist regardless of skin type or pigment! Our skin is our largest and heaviest organ, and it is responsible for many important functions that directly correlate with overall health. External skin concerns often appear as the first warning sign of an internal condition.

How It Works

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Regular skin exams are the best line of defense for preventing and identifying larger skin concerns. Our dermatologists scan the entire body for signs of abnormalities, like large moles or new patches of discoloration, so they are able to properly diagnose and treat malignant marks.

Although annual appointments are recommended, it is always encouraged to schedule more regular visits when a history of skin cancer is present. Any time you notice a suspicious skin spot, call The Dermatology Clinic to schedule a skin check.

What To Expect

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When you arrive for your skin check, you will be shown to a private room and given a medical gown to wear during the examination. It is important to proactively call attention to any new or changing spots that have appeared on the skin and to provide insight into medical history.

After thoroughly combing over the scalp, face, eyes, neck, trunk, limbs, hands, feet, and even nails, the doctor may take a biopsy of any abnormalities discovered and recommend a follow-up appointment to monitor cell development. The entire process will take no longer than thirty minutes.