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Brighten Your Skin and Give it Youthful Appeal with a VI Peel

By June 22, 2015May 9th, 2023Skin Care

As you age, your skin naturally ages with you. Unfortunately, sometimes that aging process can be accelerated by exposing your skin to too much sun, which breaks down the collagen and elastins that contribute to a tight and youthful glow.

However, if you’re a lover of sunshine and your skin is beginning to show it, all is not lost—you just need a little cosmetic dermatology! Baton Rouge men and women alike have turned to our VI peel as an effective way to combat their skin issues. With very little downtime and virtually no pain, you can be back on your feet enjoying your fresh face within hours of receiving treatment. Whether you are worried about pockmarks left over from acne, sun damage, or aged and sagging skin due to time and menopause, this treatment can help give you your youthful glow back.

What makes the VI peel special is its natural mineral blends. Using TCA, phenol, Retin-A, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, and a great proprietary blend of minerals, this peel effectively rejuvenates all skin types. You can experience improved skin tone, more even skin, smoother texture, and greater clarity.

You will experience the best results from your VI peel in a weeks’ time. With our gentle cosmetic dermatology, patients can expect only a few days of peeling. This is normal skin shedding to reveal new and healthy skin underneath. After treatment, we recommend that you not pick at your face or try to accelerate your healing process with scrubbing or abrasive tools, since this can actually irritate your tender skin and slow your results.

If you want to enjoy a more radiant appearance and reverse years of skin damage and uneven skin tone, consider the VI peel. As with many practices of cosmetic dermatology, Baton Rouge patients will experience little to no pain from this treatment, and the results are virtually immediate. Enjoy healthy, glowing skin with our VI peel today, and feel like the beautiful person you are inside and out.