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For those who wear antiperspirant and have to reapply during the day, miraDry offers a treatment option that was cleared by the FDA in 2011. Now available at The Dermatology Clinic, the procedure is helpful in reducing the embarrassing stains and odors caused by excessive underarm sweat. Optimized for treatment of sweat glands in the underarm or axillary region, the procedure is not intended to treat other parts of the body like the hands or feet. As with any significant procedure, it’s recommended that patients first talk with a doctor.

What is miraDry?

A non-invasive outpatient procedure, miraDry uses a handheld device for precise delivery of electromagnetic energy. Targeted at axillary sweat glands, the electromagnetic energy causes thermolysis, which breaks down the glands with heat. Because sweat glands are not able to regenerate or grow back, the results of the treatment are lasting. One study found results of 82% average sweat reduction in one treatment, though it’s often recommended that patients follow up with a second round of treatment. Through consultation with a physician, it’s possible to evaluate which treatment options might be more appropriate for you.

How Does miraDry work?

The electromagnetic energy in miraDry treatment is targeted below the skin to the depth of the sweat glands themselves, allowing surface tissue and skin to remain cool. There is no surgery involved, and downtime is minimal. Most patients can return to work immediately, and they can resume exercise a few days later.

miraDry Treatments

A single treatment procedure takes about an hour and starts with a local anesthesia. Temporary marks may be used to guide the application of anesthesia and treatment. One treatment is usually successful in disabling a majority of the axillary sweat glands, though a second treatment is often recommended.

Are There Side Effects?

Some people are concerned about the body’s ability to cool itself without underarm sweat glands, but the underarm region actually only includes about two percent of the sweat glands found throughout the body. Some swelling and soreness in the treated area may occur, and some patients experience short-term loss or reduction of sensation in the upper arms and underarms. Patients may also lose underarm hair as a result of the procedure.

miraDry Results

Results of miraDry treatment are immediate, and long-lasting. One level-five treatment is sufficient for many patients, though two treatments at a lower setting can also be performed. As with any other medical procedure, the results for individual patients vary, but thermal breakdown of sweat glands typically provides an immediate and profound impact on the body’s ability to produce unsightly underarm sweat.

For the estimated three percent of the population who suffer from excessive sweating, miraDry can make social situations a lot less awkward by reducing visible sweat and odors. Schedule an appointment to learn more. Payment and financing options are covered on our FAQs page. Speak with a certified dermatologist at The Dermatology Clinic to create a skin care plan that’s right for your needs.