The Dermatology Clinic offers monthly Platinum HydraFacial treatments to help rejuvenate patients’ skin. This treatment uses microdermabrasion technology to extract dirt, cleanse, and hydrate. By using tools and elements designed to your specific skin type, Platinum HydraFacial treatment can help reduce the appearance of imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and clogged pores. If you’ve noticed blemishes or signs of aging on your skin, learn more about this innovative procedure.

What Is Platinum HydraFacial?

Combining lymphatic drainage, deep cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant protection, the Platinum HydraFacial can help increase collagen growth for more youthful, glowing skin.

The Platinum HydraFacial consists of four separate steps that cleanse, exfoliate and extract, hydrate and fuse, and protect. The final step releases a powerful formula of peptides and hyaluronic acid to help rejuvenate the skin. Each step is carefully executed through a combination of skin-safe tools, massages, and ingredients to tackle dead skin cells and deep debris while encouraging collagen growth and increased blood flow.

What Are the Benefits of Platinum HydraFacial?

Platinum HydraFacial is painless and requires no downtime. The hydration portion of the facial helps give your skin a soft, dewy glow. After a session, you’ll likely see a decrease in blackhead visibility and fine lines, as well as possible clearer pores. If you’re looking for glowing, hydrated skin, consider trying the Platinum HydraFacial.

Am I a Good Candidate for Platinum HydraFacial?

All skin types, from sensitive to dry, can be treated with the Platinum HydraFacial. If you’re experiencing common skin issues, such as aging, acne, or the breakdown of collagen, then this treatment may help address these issues. As with any treatment, consult with a dermatologist or aesthetician before trying anything new.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

The Dermatology Clinic proudly offers the Baton Rouge area cutting-edge cosmetic services to help meet the skincare needs of all patients. Our seasoned team is dedicated to helping you create an effective treatment regimen. Contact us online or call (225) 769-7546 to schedule a consultation to see if the Platinum HydraFacial is right for you.

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