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Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetic Center Baton Rouge Louisiana
Cosmetic Dermatology Special
Vanquish - Cosmetic Dermatology - Baton Rouge Louisiana

The Dermatology Clinic was the first to offer Vanquish in Baton Rouge.
Vanquish treatments cover large areas in half the time of Cool Sculpting technology.  Vanquish Fat Removal is a non-invasive Fat Removal and Fat Reduction procedure that eliminates unwanted “belly” fat. Vanquish uses a painless radio frequency to target fat.

The holidays are right around the corner.  Let us help you fit into that little black dress.
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 Dermatology Clinic
For Cosmetic Dermatology Baton Rouge Louisiana choose Dermatology Clinic. Six – 45 Minute Vanquish Treatments for $2,800. Call and schedule your complimentary consultation today. 225-769-SKIN. Baton Rouge | In Woman’s Hospital | Walker Dermatology Clinic and Cosmetic Center Schedule Your Appointment Today 225-769-SKIN

Dermatology Clinic Baton Rouge Louisiana


Which location has the Vanquish machine?

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