The Dermatology Clinic partners with Meridian Clinical Research

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From the Physicians at The Dermatology Clinic:

At The Dermatology Clinic, our goal is to provide the best possible care for patients. Sometimes it’s as easy as writing a prescription or giving a shot – other times the best treatment is still in development. That is why clinical studies are so important. Without clinical studies, it would be impossible to develop new medicines and cures.

Clinical studies offer more care options for our patients suffering from common, unique, and rare health conditions. This is especially helpful for patients who struggle to find effective therapies currently on the market. In short, clinical studies help us deliver better care to our patients.

The Dermatology Clinic partners with Meridian Clinical Research.

Together, we run clinical studies to help develop better treatments for the patients we see, and for people worldwide.

If we believe a study is right for you, someone from our office or Meridian may call you. As physicians, we fully support the clinical studies you are contacted about. We encourage you to consider participating if you are contacted.

Clinical study treatments are available at no cost. You may also receive compensation for participating. Our clinical studies are held to incredibly high standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Meridian. Every effort is made to ensure your safety during a study. If you ever have a question about the study process or currently open studies, ask us next time you visit our office or simply call Meridian at (225)768-2850.

Participating in a clinical study is always optional — regardless of what you do, we will continue to provide excellent traditional dermatologic care as we have since 1947.

To support great leaps in medicine, we support clinical research. We hope you will, too.

Best regards,

The Physicians at The Dermatology Clinic

Tom J. Meek Jr., M.D. | Harry A. Burglass Jr., M.D. | Amie B. Shannon, M.D. | Mary Dobson, M.D. | Lori Byrd, M.D. | Jordan Whatley, M.D. | Nicole Mathis Harrell, M.D. | Lindsey Kobetz Hall, M.D. | Kristen LeBleu Losavio, M.D.

5326 O’Donovan Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808


I saw on television that you are conducting studies on covid vaccines by injecting vaccines and placebos in volunteers. I would like to be a volunteer that receives the vaccine instead of the placebo. Can you give me that assurance?


    Thank you for your interest in the trial. The trial is a blinded trial, so there is no way to know which vaccine you receive. To see if you are eligible to enroll, call 912-623-2240.


Dr Dunbar’s nurse told me she sent my information to you that she believed that hhsritis is one of the studies . If so I have it terrible and would be very beneficial. So if this trial is for this And I am a candidate for this please reach out to me.


    We will have someone reach out to you from Meridian.

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