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Don’t Be So Rough: Signs You’re Overdoing Your Skin Care Regime

By August 13, 2015May 9th, 2023Skin Care, Uncategorized


The right skin care routine can make all the difference in how healthy and glowing your complexion is. But with all the serums, masks, and other treatment products, as well as intensive ingredients such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, you can do a number on your skin if you’re overzealous with your regimen. If you’re not sure if your routine is too intense, check out these key signs that usually mean you’re overdoing it.

Redness and Other Irritation

The most common sign that your skin care regimen may be too much for your complexion is visible irritation. That includes redness, inflammation, and small blisters. Redness and inflammation usually mean that you’re using too much of certain ingredients or using products that are too harsh for your skin type. Retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids, and salicylic acid often irritate the skin, particularly if they’re used too often or in concentrations that are too high. If you’re experiencing crusty blisters on certain areas of your face, you may have contact dermatitis as a result of some ingredients in your products. Chemical sunscreens and strong soaps are the most common culprits. Consult with your dermatologist to figure out what might be irritating you and how to get your skin healthy again.

Dryness and Flakiness

Another common sign that you’re being a little too rough with your skin care routine is increased dryness. In some cases, the dryness may get so bad that your skin actually starts to look a little flaky. Usually, I’ll see dry, dehydrated skin if someone has been overusing exfoliators like scrubs, chemical peels, or products that contain retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, or salicylic acid. If your skin feels dry and flaky, reduce your usage of these types of products and consult your dermatologist to determine the best way to use your skin care products.

Increased Breakouts

If you use skin care products that are too heavy or rich for your skin, you may experience an increase in breakouts, which can include whiteheads, blackheads, and inflammatory acne. That’s because some ingredients that are used to keep moisture in the skin, such as mineral oil and silicones, can also trap other ingredients that clog the pores and cause breakouts. I always try to steer clear of these types of ingredients and check my skin care products’ labels to ensure that they’re non-comedogenic so they’re less likely to clog my pores.