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Early Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

By December 22, 2016May 11th, 2023Dermatology

Skin cancer is easily curable if it’s caught in time. Patients should familiarize themselves with the warning signs, and they should get in the habit of checking themselves from head to toe at least once a month. If there any new moles or growths, existing lesions that have grown or changed, or any growth that itches, bleeds, or doesn’t heal, visit a reliable clinic to have it checked as soon as possible.


The ABCDEs of skin cancer are an easy way to remember a list of suspicious warning signs.

A – Asymmetry

Pay attention to any mole or lesion that is different from one-half to the other.

B – Border Irregularity

The outside edges should be roughly the same all around a mole. A scalloped or indefinite border may be a warning sign of melanoma or other cancer.

C – Color

The color of a mole should be uniform. If a part of the mole begins to turn an unusual color, including tan, white, brown, black, red, or blue, make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible.

D – Diameter

Pay attention to any spot with a diameter greater than 6 mm (roughly the size of a pencil eraser). However, melanomas can be smaller than this.

E – Evolving

If there is a mole or lesion that is changing in size, color, shape, or is different from other nearby moles, it should be checked, especially if it begins to resemble one of the other warning signs as it changes.

Everyone should check his or her skin often. It’s best to do this because if a new spot appears, then it can be removed immediately. Removing skin cancer early is the most important part of treatment. Also, finding a trustworthy dermatology clinic is key to preventing cancer.