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Everything You Need to Know About Baby Botox

By April 3, 2018May 11th, 2023Skin Care

No, Botox isn’t for babies. In this case, “Baby Botox” refers to a more moderate approach to facial lines than traditional Botox treatments. Frozen face is not as cool as it once was. Read on to learn more about how mini-injections of Botox or the smaller, usually quicker acting molecule, Dysport, are used to treat facial lines and wrinkles. Dysport is used just like Botox, but because of its smaller size, some patients can use 25% fewer units and get the same desired outcome.

Basic Botox Treatment


Injections of Botox are known for reducing the appearance of some facial lines, creases, and wrinkles. These improvements are achieved by temporarily relaxing the muscles that underlie lines around the eyes, jowls, and furrows in the forehead and diminishes wrinkles as a result.

Botox Light Differences

Botox Light or Dysport is chosen by patients who wish to soften the lines caused by muscle movement without eliminating that movement. Treatments help soften the visible lines, slow the aging process, and still allows you to show your complete range of expressions. When precisely applied, the targeted micro-injections of Dysport or Botox deliver a more natural appearance. Compared to the standard Botox injection, the lighter version also reduces the risk of “frozen” facial features, leaving noticeable facial expressions with lines and wrinkles that are softer and gentler.

The Bottom Line

The results of Botox Light often require more frequent treatments to maintain them over time. The lines and wrinkles will remain, though softer and shallower than they might have been without any Botox at all. In addition, the improvement in the skin’s creases will allow for more production of collagen, which will keep the skin more elastic and youthful. The frequency of treatment visits is only rarely increased by choosing the more natural way of using Dysport or Botox.

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