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Four Stress-Free Eczema Care Tips for Warmer Months

By August 21, 2015May 9th, 2023Skin Care, Uncategorized


Sunny weather may bring eczema sufferers relief from the harsh cold of winter, but that’s no excuse to neglect good eczema care during the warmer months. Rising temperatures bring their own set of hazards for those who experience this chronic skin condition, but being attentive to a few basic tips can help you and your skin make the most of your summer fun.

Stay in Climate Controlled Environments

Heat is especially bothersome to eczema sufferers whose rashes can become more pronounced and itchy as the thermometers spike. Make your eczema care easier by riding out the summer heat wave in climate controlled environments when possible. Wear loose, comfortable clothes to allow your skin to breathe. Cold compresses can provide some quick relief on long, hot days, or treat yourself to a nice, icy drink to keep your temperature in check and stay hydrated.

Take Cool Showers

Hot weather and outdoor activities kick sweat glands into overdrive, which can often trigger eczema outbreaks. Cool showers help calm skin stressed by sweat and over-heating. Showering will also flush away other irritants that can aggravate a rash, such as pollen, sand, and chlorine. Try to rinse off promptly after any heavy sweating, and avoid toiletries with harsh chemicals and artificial dyes or perfumes.

Apply Sunblock

A good dose of sunshine can help control eczema in many cases, but be sure not to overdo it. No one likes a nasty sunburn, but it can be particularly damaging to eczema-prone skin. Be conscientious with your sunblock application, and look for products designed for sensitive skin that provide broad-range UV protection.

Moisturize Regularly

Keep moisturizing regularly. The extra sweat and humidity in the air may leave you feeling waterlogged at times, but it is important to make sure your skin retains the proper balance of moisture. In summer months, moisturizing products that leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed without being overly heavy or greasy are a great foundation for basic eczema care.

Don’t let your eczema ruin your summer. These guidelines along with care from a professional dermatologist can help you keep your skin looking and feeling its best no matter the weather.