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How to Protect Your Children From Harmful Sun Rays

By October 29, 2014May 11th, 2023Skin Care

Protecting your children from ultraviolet radiation in their first few years is paramount to preventive dermatology. Baton Rouge weather is known for being hot and sunny throughout most of the year, and parents must be educated in how best to protect their children from sun overexposure. Sunburn in children can increase their chances of developing melanoma later in life, so it’s best to be vigilant about keeping them protected.

Protection methods vary slightly depending on the age of the child. Infants that are six months old or younger should be kept out of the sun entirely. Since their skin is too sensitive for sunscreen, and they produce little to no melanin, they should not be exposed at all. Dress your child with long sleeves, pants and hats that cover their neck and ears. When taking them out in the stroller, walk either before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. to avoid the sunrays at their most intense intervals.

Children six months to one year are able to wear sunscreen. When applying sunscreen, make sure to apply to all areas, including the tops of hands, feet, exposed parts of the scalp and ears. Parents can also use protective clothing such as hats and long sleeved clothes to reduce their child’s exposure to the sun. Regular SPF 30 or higher sunscreen application is an important part of any routine for preventive dermatology. Baton Rouge residents who experience intense sun exposure should take special care during the summer months, and ensure that sunscreen is applied after swimming or excessive sweating, usually every 1 to 2 hours.

Toddlers must have sunscreen with SPF of thirty or higher applied constantly, and parents are encouraged to have their children play in the shade. Just as with infants and babies, clothing is a great option for extra protection. Purchase clothing with ultraviolet protection for additional coverage.