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Is Washing Your Hair With Cool Water Beneficial?

By August 17, 2021May 2nd, 2023Dermatology

By simply adjusting the temperature of your shower water, you might begin to notice improvements to your energy level, circulation, and hair health. Washing your hair with cool or cold water may be especially beneficial, as it can help preserve your hair’s natural oils, decrease frizziness, and increase blood flow to your scalp. Here’s how switching to cooler water may leave you with healthier hair.

The Drawbacks of Warm Water

One of the biggest drawbacks of washing your hair with hot water is the loss of essential natural oils from your scalp and moisture from your hair strands. Without the two, you will likely experience elevated dryness in your hair, and you may also find it especially frizzy, fragile, and difficult to manage. Hot water can also weaken your hair’s roots by excessively opening the pores in your scalp and irritating your scalp’s tissues, which may lead to hair loss.

The Benefits of Cool Water

Unlike hot water, cool water does not strip your hair of naturally occurring oils, which are important for moisturizing your hair and protecting your scalp from environmental and oxidative damage. Cool water also helps to improve blood circulation in your scalp and keep the pores on your scalp closed. This ensures that your scalp and hair follicles receive essential nutrients and don’t accumulate dirt, sweat, and other irritants.

Switching Over to Cool Water

If you’re used to taking warmer showers, it may be a challenge for you to transition to washing your hair with cool water. Instead of diving in head-first, try gradually decreasing the temperature in your shower water each day to give yourself time to adjust to the change. You can also try only washing your hair with cool water while continuing to wash your body with warmer water.

In addition to your own regular care, the services of professional dermatologists can help you to improve and maintain your hair health. The Dermatology Clinic offers hair loss and hair removal services, as well as a full range of dermatological and cosmetic treatments. Schedule an appointment by contacting us online or calling (225) 769-7546.