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Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus: How Signs of Aging Differ Between the Sexes

By October 15, 2014May 9th, 2023Skin Care

It’s true that everyone ages, but not everyone ages in the same way. Men and women’s faces wrinkle and experience loosening of the skin in different areas, but they can combat these issues with the help of BOTOX. Baton Rouge patients can consult a member of our team at The Dermatology Clinic for more information on this great solution for reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Often times as women age, they experience forming of soft lines around the mouth and eyes. These are commonly referred to as laugh lines and crows feet. Baton Rouge dermatologists encourage women who wish to reduce the look of wrinkles to consider Botox injections to tighten the skin in these areas. Women may also experience a loosening and sagging of the neck skin, sometimes referred to as turkey neck. While Botox isn’t a solution for this problem, there are other cosmetic procedures that can reduce the sagging of excess skin.

Men age a little differently. Often times men will develop deep lines in their forehead. Botox can reduce the look of deeply set lines in the forehead effectively. Men are also predisposed towards a softening chin over the years. A chin implant may be the best option for a diminishing chin, however it requires surgery and downtime. A non-surgical way to combat this type of aging is to use a combination of Botox and filler, like Juvederm.

When interested in BOTOX, Baton Rouge residents should speak with their dermatologist to get the information they need in order to decide whether or not to proceed with injections. Botox is a safe method to keeping your face looking younger no matter the location and severity of your wrinkles. If you’re looking to tighten the sagging skin around your neck or make your chin more prominent, discuss alternative cosmetic options, such as Juvederm filler and skin tightening devices, with your dermatologist.