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Do Milk, Cheese, and other Dairy Items Cause Breakouts?

By December 24, 2014May 9th, 2023Skin Care

Since they contain natural vitamins and minerals, milks, cheeses, and other dairy products are good for the body. They’ve even got their own real estate on the food pyramid. So they have to be good for us no matter what, right?

Well, this isn’t exactly the case if you struggle with acne. Baton Rouge patients may have been confused in past years, as dermatologists have held mixed opinions for decades as to whether dairy exacerbates or even triggers pimples and other cosmetic blemishes. But the most recent research does suggest a link between dairy consumption and breakouts. Breakouts occur when your pores produce an overabundance of oils and other chemicals. Dermatologists believe that this is caused by hormonal imbalances, and the hormones and other bioactive substances in dairy products may contribute to this.

Though the link is not firmly established by research, the best course of action is to protect yourself against any noxious effects that dairy may afflict on skin. Aside from basic skin care tactics like moisturizing, drinking water, and avoiding cigarettes, you should start cutting back on milks and cheeses. Replace these with non-dairy substitutes like soy milk or plant-based and vegan cheeses and butters. These will give you the same vitamins and minerals present in dairy minus the breakout-inducing hormones.

Once you start changing your diet, keep a food diary of what you eat and how it affects your acne. Baton Rouge patients should carefully log what they eat each day and jot down whether or not your acne is clearing up or worsening. This kind of diary can help us determine dairy’s effect on your skin and allow you to choose the best course of action against future breakouts.