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Non-surgical Skin Tightening: A Beginners Guide

By January 31, 2022May 2nd, 2023Skin Care

As the result of aging, sun exposure, and genetics, sagging skin can have a negative impact on your quality of life. As youthful appearances diminish due to our skin’s inability to produce elastin and collagen, the development of loose skin, fine lines, and intrusive wrinkles replaces the once firm skin on our face and body. Though aging skin is inevitable, treatment options exist for those with decreased skin laxity, and a variety of non-surgical skin tightening procedures can stimulate collagen production and revitalize the skin.

What Is Non-surgical Skin Tightening?

In recent years, skin tightening treatments have grown in popularity as a non-surgical alternative to more invasive procedures addressing skin laxity and increasing skin quality.

Non-surgical skin tightening includes an array of cosmetic treatments used to improve the appearance of saggy skin on the stomach, face, neck, thighs, buttocks, and arms. These procedures are significantly less intrusive than surgical procedures such as facelifts and tummy tucks and are proven to achieve similar results.

Why Consider Non-surgical Skin Tightening?

As we age, the production of elastin and collagen, two proteins that keep the skin tight, smooth, and plump, decreases and leads to sagging skin on the face and body. For those bothered by changing skin laxity, seeing a cosmetic surgeon for non-surgical skin tightening can slow the aging process and restore a smoother, firmer, and more youthful skin appearance.

Options for treatment

A diverse range of non-surgical options exists for those looking to combat the process of aging skin, including:

– Laser skin resurfacing: eliminates damaged skin layer by layer, with pinpoint accuracy. During the healing process, new skin cells grow, giving the skin a firmer, younger appearance.
-Thread lifting: involves the insertion of a specific thread into the skin to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin.
Microneedling: includes puncturing the skin with many tiny, sterilized needles to create physical stress. The derma is prompted to repair as a result of the trauma.


Aside from the main benefit of tightened skin on the face and body, non-surgical skin tightening procedures bring forth the following perks:

-A pronounced “lifting” effect that can be achieved with various options
-There is little to no downtime required
-When conducted by a professional, there is minimal risk of side effects
-The results can be long term and last for up to one-year post-procedure


Though non-surgical skin tightening procedures offer a variety of benefits, the following limitations should be noted when determining which option is best for you:

-Results occur gradually over several weeks or months
-More than one treatment type may be required to get the results you desire
-Treatment will need to be done on a regular basis to maintain the results
-In the event of advanced skin sagging, treatment is ineffective

Non-surgical Skin Tightening Treatments

Your surgeon at The Dermatology Clinic may recommend one of the non-surgical procedures mentioned below, depending on the quality of your skin and the treatment area.

Radiofrequency treatment

The radiofrequency (RF) treatment involves heating the dermis with energy waves to stimulate collagen formation. As recommended by our specialists at The Dermatology Clinic, the Morpheus8 treatment combines radiofrequency with microneedling and uses bipolar radiofrequency energy to target three levels under the skin. Aimed at combating dead skin build-up, acne, and wrinkles, this minimally invasive treatment accelerates collagen production and skin renewal. As a full-body fractional remodeling treatment, Morpheus8 gives patients the opportunity to treat smaller problem areas such as the face or larger surfaces such as the stomach or legs.

Using the Morpheus8 approach involves a variety of advantages, including:

-Results are immediate following the procedure
-Skin texture is improved with the elimination of dead skin cells
-Skin becomes more toned as hyperpigmented cells are broken down
-Results continue to improve as the skin heals and the tissue produces more collagen

Combining IPL/RF treatments

Skin tightening can also be achieved by combining intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy with radiofrequency treatments. This treatment uses both IPL and RF to heat deeper layers of skin and encourage collagen formation by triggering the body’s natural healing response.

With IPL, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can treat a wide range of skin types and disorders, whereas RF energy can be hyper-focused to treat deep layers of skin. The combination of non-surgical skin care treatments is particularly effective, as it can address multiple issues at once.

Non-surgical Skin Tightening FAQ

How long does non-surgical skin tightening last?

The duration of the effects, as with any cosmetic treatment or surgery that tightens the skin, is entirely dependent on you. Staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and eating a balanced diet can allow the results of your non-surgical skin tightening operation to last anywhere between 1-3 years.

Where is non-invasive skin tightening appropriate?

Non-invasive skin tightening is appropriate when the patient has mild to moderate skin laxity that does not require more dramatic skin removal or lifting through surgery.

Is non-invasive skin tightening painful?

Most patients tolerate the treatments well, though pain intensity may differ depending on the device and energy source used. Some machines may require topical anesthetic and/or other pain management approaches, such as local lidocaine injections.

Who is not a candidate for non-invasive skin tightening?

People with severe skin laxity cannot undergo non-invasive skin tightening, as this condition cannot be corrected with non-invasive tightening treatments. Pregnant patients and those with an unstable body weight also cannot undergo non-invasive skin tightening, as any weight gain will undo the results of treatment.

Contact the Experts at The Dermatology Clinic

If you’re looking for assistance from a leading Baton Rouge cosmetic dermatologist, The Dermatology Clinic offers experienced guidance on all of your skin care concerns. To discuss your needs and goals for your skin, evaluate your treatment options, or learn how non-surgical skin tightening can help you feel more confident in your look, schedule an appointment with us today.