"Just had to take the time to acknowledge the remarkable care and overall service that you and your staff have extended over the past several years, and in particular, since the loss of my beloved wife, Anne. I sincerely appreciate the quality of preventative care and medical treatments that go above routine and provide a sense of confidence in my overall personal health. Thanks again for all you do and best wishes to everyone for a prosperous and blessed new year."

- Jim

“Aime, I can never thank you enough for your caring concern when my biopsy turned out to be Melanoma. Getting yourself and your family ready to go to Ireland was a tremendous job and in that time you managed to call me, select a surgeon, and forward my records to him. I made an appointment to see Dr. John Lyons and, needless to say, he is an amazing surgeon and I am well pleased with your choice for me. I am healing quickly and in time will only have a thin scar. Thank you for your kindness to me and I hope your trip to Ireland was everything you are your family hoped it would be. P.S. Next time I see a “spot” on myself, I will be less hesitant in asking you to look at it. I can’t tell you how close I came to saying nothing. It certainly did not look like any picture of Melanoma I had ever seen!”

- Martha

“I was impressed with Doctor and her staff. I had an enjoyable visit.”

- Charles

“Thank you Dr. Shannon for treating me like a person and not just a number. You have been a Godsend! This has been such a painful ordeal and you were the “knightess” in shining armor. May God deeply and abundantly bless you and your family.”

- Misty

“Thanks for taking such excellent care of me.”

- Carrie

“Thanks for recognizing the melanoma at such an early stage. Again, thanks for all you do. It is greatly appreciated.”

- Lillian

“We appreciate you!!!!!”

- Krista

“Thanks so much for everything. You are the reason I have a clear face.”

- Gussie

"Dr. Mathis, Wanted to say how extremely blessed and grateful I am for you and all that you have done for me."

- Amber
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