Work with the aestheticians at The Dermatology Clinic to help you achieve smooth, healthy skin with an effective exfoliating treatment. Our micropeels are medical-grade facials that are safe for all skin types and can help improve both the look and feel of your skin.

What Is a Micropeel?

A micropeel is a three-step, superficial chemical peel used to smooth and brighten your skin complexion. As the lightest of chemical peel treatments, micropeels are a great starting point for patients who may be wary of deeper penetrating peels. During this 30 to 45-minute treatment, an aesthetician will manually exfoliate your skin and then shave dead skin cells via dermaplaning, which involves a small razor. Next, a lactic acid solution will be applied to your treated skin which may cause a temporary burning or itching sensation.

After the chemical peel, moisturizer will be applied to prevent dryness and excessive skin irritation. While the results of your micropeel will take about two weeks to show after your first treatment, it is recommended that patients schedule six peels about two weeks apart to achieve optimal and lasting results.

Benefits of a Micropeel

Micropeels are an effective addition to a personal skincare regimen and can help you more effectively maintain clear skin. Here are some of the common benefits of medical-grade cosmetic treatments like micropeels:

  • Improved appearance of hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, photodamage, fine lines, and other visible facial imperfections
  • Smoother, radiant skin with a softer texture
  • Firming of the skin resulting from stimulated collagen production
  • Faster natural exfoliation process, leading to quicker dead skin cell turnover

Preparing for Your Micropeel

While a simple micropeel requires little to no pre-treatment care, there are a few things you can do starting a week before your appointment to prepare your skin. Avoiding smoking and sunbathing or tanning beds can help improve blood circulation in your skin and prevent your skin from becoming too sensitive for treatment. It is also recommended that you avoid collagen injections, facial waxing, and products that contain aspirin or salicylic acid in the time leading up to your chemical peel appointment.

The board-certified dermatologists and aestheticians at The Dermatology Clinic are here to help you refresh your complexion and experience renewed confidence. Whether you want to address signs of aging, skin trauma, or improve your skin’s texture, our team is skilled in administering treatments to help you achieve your desired results. Complete our form to schedule an appointment with us today.

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