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Skin Growths

Safely Remove Unwanted Skin Growths to Feel Confident in Your Skin.

Skin growths are a lump or protrusion of tissue on the top layer of skin, most commonly diagnosed as a mole, wart, or skin tag. Although they are most often benign and painless, some patients are bothered by their appearance. Our doctors specialize in identifying and removing skin growths through a variety of treatment options.


Skin Growths - Moles

Roughly 332 million Americans have common moles, most of which are painless and harmless. They appear as dark ovular or circular spots on the skin, typically black or brown in color, and can vary in texture and size.

It is important to monitor moles for changes in appearance over time. If a mole changes color, transforms in shape, or grows in size, this could be a sign that it is malignant. Our dermatologists will identify and address irregular moles during your annual skin assessment.


Skin Growths - Wart Removal image

Warts are harmless growths that develop as a result of a viral infection on the top layer of the skin. This overgrowth of skin is the organ’s response to being invaded by human papillomaviruses (HPV) and can appear in various sizes, shapes, and textures.

Although most warts will typically go away on their own if properly covered and bandaged, The Dermatology Clinic does offer various options for removal! If you are concerned with the appearance of a wart, our doctors can use liquid nitrogen, heat, or excision to physically remove it.

Skin Tags

Skin Growths - Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags, or acrochordons, are growths that occur when the body produces excess cells in the top layer of skin. They tend to be the same color as the surrounding skin and are estimated to affect more than half of all American adults.

Although they can be unattractive, they have no effect on your overall health. Skin tags can be removed with liquid nitrogen, heat, or through excision by our board-certified dermatologists.