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Skincare Tips for Your Beach Vacation

By June 25, 2019May 11th, 2023Summer Skincare

Summer is just around the corner, and that means people are making plans for vacation. This time of year, we talk to a lot of patients who are excited about spending a few weeks away at the beach for some much-deserved relaxation. Whether it’s a trip to Gulf Shores or the Galapagos Islands, time spent in the sun and surf can take a toll on the skin. We advise all of our patients to take a few easy steps for extra skincare protection while on their beach vacations. 


Making sure you have the right sun protection to help prevent harm from the sun’s rays should be the number one priority for any beach vacation. Look for a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15 before lying out. If you plan on taking a periodic dip in the water to cool off, make sure that the sunscreen is either waterproof or that you reapply the sunscreen every 1 hour.

Other sun protection

Don’t forget about sun-protective clothing.  There are numerous online options to purchase swimwear for all ages, including Coolibar and Sun Precautions. These clothing are great because they provide sun protection throughout the whole day. It is easier to reapply sunscreen on just the face if the rest of the skin is covered. Heliocare is another additive to sunscreen. It is a tablet that you can take and gives one SPF protection of 5-10 over 4 hours. This is nice to add to clothing and sunscreen in preparing for a beach trip.


While saltwater is an effective natural exfoliant, other elements that we are exposed to at the beach can be harmful to the skin. Dirt, debris, and other particulates get stuck to wet and sweaty skin and can cause problems over time if they are allowed to build up. After washing off the sand, sweat, and saltwater from a day at the beach, use a gentle cleanser to keep skin free of impurities. 


Before, during, and after time at the beach, it’s important to keep skin hydrated. The simplest way to do this is to make sure to drink plenty of water. This helps the skin and the rest of the body operate properly when lots of moisture is being lost to perspiration. At the end of the day, after cleansing, use a cooling mask for the face and a moisturizer for the body to keep skin taut and plump with hydration.

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