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Tips To Avoid Dry Winter Skin

By December 31, 2014May 9th, 2023Skin Care

As the days grow a little colder and winter sets in, people naturally turn on their heaters to stay warm. Being warm and cozy is wonderful, but it can take its toll on skin. Skin requires a certain amount of moisture to remain soft and supple, and when you turn on the heat it dries out the air and skin. Check out these tips for preventing dry skin. You can also consider visiting a Baton Rouge dermatology clinic for helpful solutions.


When using central heat for just a couple of weeks, you may notice how dry and itchy your skin has become. Running humidifiers is one way to add more moisture back into the air and skin.

Baths and Showers

After enjoying winter sports outdoors, a very hot shower or bath may seem like a good idea. However, really hot water can actually break down skin barriers and cause moisture loss. The best solution is to run a warm bath or shower.

Soaking in a lukewarm bath with oatmeal can relieve dry skin. Dermatology services can also be used to pinpoint the proper remedy for dry skin if an oatmeal bath is not beneficial.


People always associate sunscreen with the summer months, however, it can be just as important to use during the winter. Snow glare, wind and winter sun can all dry and damage skin. You can prevent skin damage and dryness by applying sunscreen to any exposed areas like the hands and face.


Consider switching to an oil-based moisturizer during winter months. This type of formula helps to counteract the drying effects of heaters.

Wind, sun and heaters can all reduce moisture content in your skin. Moisturizing and running a humidifier might be the perfect remedies for dry skin. In some cases, professional services may be needed from Baton Rouge dermatology experts.