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Tips for Effective Skin Exfoliating

By August 7, 2015May 9th, 2023Skin Care, Uncategorized


Not only is your skin the largest organ in the body, but it’s also one of the most fragile areas. Regular care is important for maintaining optimal health, and skin exfoliating is an important part of this regimen. Learn benefits and tips for caring for the dermis to enhance its beauty and maintain a youthful appearance.

Everyone Can Benefit

Dead cells will accumulate on the epidermis, the top layer of our skin, over time. The number of dead cells depends on certain factors, including the time of year, your diet, personal products you use, pollution levels where you live, and the amount of sun exposure you receive. I counsel my patients that everyone can benefit from skin exfoliating; however, people who live in harsh environments or who have sensitive skin really need to perform this self-care process.

Harm from Not Exfoliating

If you allow dead cells to accumulate, you may experience clogged pores, unusual discoloration or pigmentation, and premature aging. Over time, you might begin wondering why your skin looks so dull and lifeless instead of youthful and glowing.

After Skin Exfoliating

Many patients are pleasantly surprised at the improvements they notice after taking care of their skin.

* Vibrant appearance all over

* Beauty and personal care products absorb more readily

* Makeup is easier to apply

* Clogged pores and acne lessen or disappear altogether

* The skin hydrates more easily; fewer dry and scaly patches

It is very important to moisturize frequently after you exfoliate. Moisturizers with ceramides are great for all skin types. For sensitive skin types, petrolatum or coconut oil are usually excellent choices. For normal to oily skin types, moisturizers with vitamin B3 (nicatinamide) and vitamin C work well and even enhance the exfoliation process.


I recommend skin exfoliating treatments at least four times each year. Receiving a professional treatment can be an effective way to care for your body. It’s also possible to perform this process at home. Mechanical exfoliators like Clarisonic offer an at-home treatment for every skin type. You can use different brush types depending on your skin type. There are also household products, such as baking soda, sugar, sea salt, or oatmeal that can produce surprisingly impressive results. Be careful when using these for the first time. Use instructions from a reputable source, as too much can cause a chemical burn. Try this easy and inexpensive process for magical results in your skin.