Why Vanquish is Better Than Coolsculpting

V98215168anquish is the latest non-invasive treatment for fat reduction. It provides treatment for a very large area of the abdomen and is almost 100% pain free. Because of this, patients are usually more relaxed during the Vanquish treatment than Coolsculpting. Baton Rouge residents looking to trim their midsection should read on for more information on why Vanquish is the best option.

Basic Facts About Vanquish

Vanquish, which is approved by the FDA, is administered by aiming specifically adjusted electricity at fat cells. The treatment shrinks these cells without causing injury to other tissues. There is no contact to the skin during the treatment, which is often compared to sitting under a warm blanket for half an hour. The waist and love handles can be treated simultaneously. Most treatments consist of up to 6 sessions. After 6 sessions, the patient may lose up to 2 1/4 inches from the waist.

Basic Facts About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a treatment that freezes the fat using an applicator that looks like a suction cup. Treatments last for an hour at a time. Afterwards, the skin will feel like a stick of cold butter, and the patient may have some kind of discomfort in the treated area, making pain management necessary. To prevent irregularities, it is best to have multiple applications at one time, which may cause even more discomfort.

The Better Choice

From a professional standpoint, for most people Vanquish is definitely the better choice. The treatment is specifically designed to target the fat on your core and thighs. It treats the challenging areas of your midsection or inner and outer thighs without causing any skin or tissue damage. The treatment is focused on one general area at a time, subsequently turning fat into waste, which is flushed from the body. This is the safest and most non-invasive option for the patient since it carries no discomfort, and you are able to receive treatment for the entire mid section or entire thigh in one treatment. The opposite is true of Coolsculpting. Baton Rouge residents considering these two treatments would benefit from choosing Vanquish.

Get Started Today

Compared to Coolsculpting, Vanquish delivers more powerful, larger treatment areas and quicker results. Vanquish can deliver results within 4 treatments or 2 months, while Coolsculpting delivers visible results in 2 to 4 months. Get started with the Vanquish treatment today and see your midsection and thighs shrink.

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