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Why Do I Have Bumps on My Eyelid?

By November 16, 2021May 2nd, 2023Dermatology

Eyelid bumps can make themselves known in some of the most uncomfortable ways: tenderness, swelling, light sensitivity, and even tears. You may be suffering from a blockage of oil in your eyelid’s glands, which can cause the appearance of an acne-like lesion. If you’re suffering from an especially painful bump or are prone to eyelid bumps, learn more about this condition and your treatment options with a dermatologist.

What Are Eyelid Bumps Really?

Eyelid bumps, also known as styes, are red or skin-colored pimples that can cause inflammation and irritation so severe in some cases that you may feel as though your vision is impaired. Styes aren’t the only type of eyelid bump, but they’re pretty common. You may notice other bumps such as a chalazion or xanthelasma, which are other types of eyelid bumps that can appear for different reasons.

Potential Causes of Eyelid Bumps

Styes and chalazion pimples usually appear to be gland blockages, while xanthelasma usually indicates high cholesterol in an individual. While xanthelasma is usually painless, styes and chalazions can be extremely tender to the touch, and any of these conditions can require medical care to alleviate symptoms.

Treating Eyelid Bumps

Depending on the nature of the eyelid bump, your dermatologist can help determine whether drainage is needed to drain the infected liquid or prescribe antibiotic eyedrops. If you’re feeling severe discomfort prior to your appointment, you can apply a warm compress to the bump to help reduce swelling. Some styes and other kinds of eyelid pimples can go away on their own, but you should still schedule some time to see a dermatologist to properly diagnose you and provide a medical recommendation.

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