Why Is My Scalp So Itchy?

When your scalp feels itchy and irritated, dandruff is likely your first suspicion. However, various skin conditions can cause this symptom, so it’s important to see a dermatologist for clinical diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Explore the underlying causes of an itchy scalp along with treatments that may provide effective relief. Contact Dermatitis Did the itching […]

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How to Help Your Child Manage Eczema

Although most children eventually develop rashes that itch for a while, eczema is a chronic condition that can cause excessive scratching of the skin. Learn more about how to manage the itching and discomfort of your child’s eczema. The Persistent Itch Itching is the most persistent result of eczema and reducing the urge to scratch […]

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Seven Types of Eczema

If you’re bothered by itching, flaking skin that’s accompanied by redness or blisters, eczema is the likely culprit. This common skin condition, also called dermatitis, can manifest as acute flare-ups or a long-term chronic condition. Understanding the different types of eczema can help you manage its symptoms. Here are the seven main categorizations of eczema. […]

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