At The Dermatology Clinic, our aestheticians and doctors work hard to find skincare treatments and advanced solutions that are clinically proven to deliver results. If you are looking for a treatment that targets the most common signs of aging, including uneven skin tone, sun damage, and fine lines, then the Halo Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment may be right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Halo Laser by Sciton

We’ve compiled answers to the most common questions our patients ask about this treatment so that you can decide if Halo Laser may help you attain your skin and aesthetic goals. Read our guide here, and then schedule a consultation with one of our experienced aestheticians.

What Is Halo Laser?

Halo is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, combining ablative and non-ablative technology to target and enhance multiple layers of your skin, simultaneously triggering the production of elastin and collagen. This innovative dual-wavelength system also helps to improve recovery time while enhancing the overall results with fewer treatments required. This is one of several advanced laser treatments from Sciton available to patients at The Dermatology Clinic.

What Does Halo Laser Treat?

We can work with you to use the Halo laser treatment to target your biggest skin care concerns. Whether you have noticed the appearance of fine lines around your mouth and forehead, you wish to improve the texture or evenness of your skin tone, or you want to reduce enlarged pores, the treatment provides a holistic solution that will give your whole face a fresh glow. It has also shown to be especially effective for reducing the appearance of sun damage or scars.

What Is the Procedure Like?

You should arrive for your appointment without any makeup so that we can apply a topical anesthetic to help prevent any discomfort during the procedure. The procedure itself will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the targeted treatment area. Using the Halo handpiece, we will make smooth, calculated movements across the treatment area, which is measured using motion tracking technology to ensure an even result. Patients generally report feeling warmth at the application area with minor tingling sensations. It is normal for patients to continue to feel warm sensations at the treatment area for 15 to 30 minutes following the procedure.

You should keep your skin protected for 24 to 96 hours following your treatment before returning to normal skin routine. In one to two days, the skin will begin to peel. This usually lasts four days. Within one week you will start to see the results of the treatment.

What Results Can I Expect?

Since Halo combines the technology of two distinct laser treatments, you will notice results after just one procedure. Your skin will look refreshed and smooth starting about four to five days following the treatment, and results will continue to improve over time as collagen and elastin production increase. Sciton reports that most patients see the greatest pigmentation improvement after about two to three weeks, followed by a full dermal regeneration phase in the months to follow.

What Are the Benefits of Halo Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

This innovative technology offers many benefits to patients when compared to other aesthetic skin treatments. The downtime for similar treatments is usually around five days, compared to the average one to two days experienced by most Halo patients. Additionally, the dual-wave technology makes Halo one of the most powerful resurfacing tools, allowing it to treat 25 to 30 percent of the skin and provide intensive facial rejuvenation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Halo Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, schedule your consultation with The Dermatology Clinic today. For more than 70 years, our team has served the Baton Rouge community with advanced dermatology and aesthetic skin care treatments. Explore our Cosmetic Center to learn more about our extensive medical-grade skincare and cosmetic treatments available.