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How to Help Combat Dry Skin in the Winter

By November 25, 2020May 2nd, 2023Skin Care

Why does our skin generally dry out in the winter? While Louisiana winters are on the more mild and wet side, many still experience dry, flaky, and even cracked skin during these colder months. This is because we tend to stay indoors more, huddled around central heating to keep warm. That blast of warm air may be cozy, but it’s usually the culprit of dry skin. Help keep skin moisturized and healthy all winter long with these tips.

Switch to a Gentle Cleanser

The sebaceous glands on your skin produce sebum, a natural oil that protects and moisturizes your skin. Using a more gentle facial cleanser can help preserve your skin’s natural moisture without stripping it and leaving it too dry.

Use a Humidifier

Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up central heating to help achieve smoother, moisturized skin. Place a cool-air humidifier in your bedroom to counteract the dryness of your heater; it can help hydrate your skin by increasing the air’s moisture level.

Increase Moisturizers

Shake up your regular moisturizer routine by swapping your usual product for one with higher oil content to help retain more water. However, if you’re prone to acne, apply a very small amount or thin it out with a little water. A simple spring water product may be even better for moisturizing while decreasing the chance of breaking out. Don’t forget to also apply lotion to your nail beds! They are much more prone to dry out and crack in the winter.

Decrease Exfoliation

Exfoliation can help increase your skin’s clarity and create a more even skin tone. But during the winter, you should limit exfoliating to only one or two times a week to help your skin stay hydrated. Exfoliating daily can reduce your skin’s layer of sebum that protects against dryness.

For many, these simple tips may not completely combat skin dryness and irritation throughout the winter and even all year round. Consult with one of our dermatologists to help address common conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and more. Our team at The Dermatology Clinic can create a treatment customized to your needs. Call (225) 769-7546 to schedule an appointment at one of our two Baton Rouge offices.