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Mohs Surgery

A Precise & Effective Technique to Eliminating Cancerous Skin Spots.

Mohs surgery (pronounced “Moes”) is a unique approach to skin cancer treatment, unlike any other available procedure. Mohs allows our on-site surgeon to see exactly where the cancer begins and ends, so patients leave their appointment at The Dermatology Clinic cancer free.

How It Works

Mohs Surgery - How It Works

The Mohs method first removes visible skin cancer, then carefully addresses the surrounding area one layer of skin at a time. The surgeon examines each layer individually, using a microscope to identify any remaining cancer cells. This process continues until no cancer cells remain, giving Mohs a high cure rate! It also keeps as much healthy skin intact as possible, making Mohs favorable for areas like the ears, hands, and nose that have little tissue underneath the skin.

What To Expect

Mohs Surgery - What To Expect

Patients remain awake and alert throughout the procedure, with only the area around the cancerous spot receiving an anesthetic. Surgery is performed at The Dermatology Clinic by our trained Mohs surgeon, Dr. Scott Dunbar – no hospital visit is required! Depending on the depth of the cancer, patients may not need stitches as the skin is able to heal on its own. Other patients may need stitches or a skin graft to ensure minimal scarring. Sometimes laser is used to achieve a scar-less surgical site.