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Permanently Stop Underarm Sweat Now.

Permanently Stop Underarm Sweat Now.

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miraDry is about you…

  • Feeling confident that your favorite silk blouse won’t show wet marks, giving away that you might be anxious or nervous, uncomfortable or just too warm on that special date.
  • Knowing that your trademark black dress will stay clean and free of chalky white antiperspirant marks.
  • Being confident standing in front of the big boss—ready to present your breakthrough idea knowing your shirt won’t show wet marks when you take off your suit jacket.
  • Feeling carefree enough to head out with the team after work knowing you won’t look or smell like you’ve had the toughest day of the week.
  • Taking the bothersome issues that come from underarm sweat out of your daily life, leaving you clean, confident, and carefree forever.
  • Feeling clean all day long.’s Hospital  | Walker

Permanently Stop Underarm Sweat Now. Clean, confident, carefree forever.

Embrace every moment of life to the fullest – without fear or embarrassment of underarm issues getting in the way. Whether you’re in that important business meeting or simply running errands –


is your solution for sweat-free, odor-free underarms in as little as one easy treatment.

Stay clean, confident and carefree forever with miraDry.
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Can I get a price quote for the miradry? I’m a patient of Dr. Shannon


Interested in the procedure. Had it done about 5yrs ago at a clinic in Lafayette, La. Worked great but never went back for second treatment. What is the cost for this treatment now.


    We charge $1,950 for the miraDry procedure. We are running a special through the end of August, $500 off miraDry.

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