Revision DEJ Night Face Cream


Wake up to the skin of your dreams.

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Revision DEJ Night Face Cream is an all in one nighttime age-defying treatment with time-released 0.25% Retinol. It utilizes pioneering Pathway Technology to address the visible signs of aging from multiple angles while you sleep, revealing a renewed, radiant complexion.

-Formulated to work best while you sleep

-Contains time-released, microencapsulated Retinol to maximize efficacy and minimize irritation

-Boosts the efficacy of Retinol with Bakuchiol

-Supports short-term and long-term skin health and radiant skin

-Helps sagging skin appear firmer and more lifted

-Visibly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles

-Balances skin’s own Microbiome with Prebiotic Innovation

For all skin types.

Apply 1 pump nightly.