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How Clarisonic Benefits Your Skin

By November 19, 2014May 9th, 2023Skin Care

Using a good exfoliant can greatly increase the quality of care you give to your skin. Many different types of products are available on today’s market, so to find out which is best for you, consult your dermatologist. Baton Rouge residents that want glowing, radiant skin often turn to the Clarisonic Brush, designed to use sonic brush technology to deliver effective and targeted skin care. Patients who use their brushes regularly often report being extremely satisfied with the results. Clinical studies have also yielded positive feedback.

Different versions of this unique products can be found in consumers’ homes as well as at the dermatologist. Baton Rouge residents can also easily implement the tool into any existing skincare regimen. Before trying any new skincare product, however, it is important to know the basic facts.

The Clarisonic system has the advantage of being able to offer not just a single product, but an entire application process to its users. This can give a deeper clean with more control and is several times faster than manual application of similar formulas. It also forgoes environmentally harmful additives such as microbeads, which were recently made illegal in the state of Illinois.

Image analysis of users’ skin shows that the system removes makeup and residues more effectively than other cleansing methods. The Clarisonic Brush also promotes better absorption of skincare products. Significant improvements in both the look and feel of various skin profiles are often reported.

Clarisonic is a deep cleaning treatment, but it is gentle enough for use on even the most sensitive skin and rosacea. If you are interested in trying this system, consult your dermatologist. Baton Rouge residents are only a few brushstrokes away from a better complexion!