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Female Facial Hair: The Role of Hormones

By December 28, 2017May 11th, 2023Dermatology, Skin Care

As women age, they may notice the appearance of unwanted, unsightly facial hair. During the hormone changes caused by menopause, estrogen levels decline while levels of testosterone and other androgens rise. This can result in hair growth on the face as well as excess body hair. Fortunately, safe, effective dermatology treatments can permanently remove unwanted facial hair.

Prescription Medications

Topical prescriptions such as Vaniqa can be effective at removing unwanted facial hair when used as directed once a day. However, the hair will grow back once the use of the medication is discontinued. Some women who have facial hair caused by hormonal imbalance benefit from taking combination contraceptive pills with estrogen and progesterone or with medications that block androgen production.

Some prescriptions can also trigger a hormonal imbalance that causes facial hair growth. Those who take medications that can lead to hair growth should talk with the prescribing doctor about this side effect.


This solution uses concentrated heat to destroy the hair follicles producing unwanted hair. Because it treats one follicle at a time, it’s best for use in small areas such as the upper lip.

Laser Treatment

Intense pulse light therapy or focused laser therapy (NdYAG) are two options that are commonly referred to as laser hair removal. This uses a small handpiece to deliver a light wavelength that is directly absorbed by the hair follicle. The light energy is converted to heat upon absorption, injuring the follicle. This destroys some hair follicles and causes others to become smaller and grow more slowly. Some growth will be prevented. While laser hair removal is similar to electrolysis, it is suited for larger areas because the laser can treat several follicles at once. However, it usually requires several sessions a year to be highly effective.

Our experienced team at the Dermatology Clinic in Baton Rouge helps clients vanquish unwanted facial hair for good through safe, effective laser therapy. Visit us online and fill out the convenient appointment request form to get started today.