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How to Cure Pigmented Lesions and Rebuild Your Social Confidence

By June 30, 2015May 9th, 2023Skin Care

No one has perfect skin. Cosmetic imperfections—from aging wrinkles to teenage acne—are natural. Pigmented lesions are another natural imperfection that many people experience, and they can form a roadblock to your positive self-image and social confidence. Luckily, pigmented lesions can be eliminated with laser skin treatment. Baton Rouge folks who struggle with pigmented lesions can trust our clinic to get rid of them. Let’s discuss this cosmetic issue and laser treatment in greater detail.

What are Pigmented Lesions?

Pigmented lesions are discolored areas that stand out against one’s natural skin color. Areas of discoloration can be natural birthmarks, or they can be caused by sun damage, aging, or certain chronic pigmentation disorders. Though often benign, lesions can cause mental stress for those who have them. They can create insecurity, and can make it tough to socialize. Those with pigmented lesions may start avoiding social situations, struggling with work interactions, or even developing anxiety or depression.

How Does Laser Treatment Resolve Pigmented Lesions?

Those struggling with pigmented lesions can find a solution in laser skin treatment. Baton Rouge residents can visit our clinic, where we are proud to offer healing via the Sciton Laser Skin Rejuvenation program. Sciton’s revolutionary technology uses light energy to target areas with abnormal pigment concentration. Laser treatment uses sensors to spot these lesions and gently heat them. This causes the lesions to peel off days later, revealing skin that matches the rest of the patient’s complexion. Sciton treatment can treat large areas or spot-treat small lesions. In addition to improving one’s complexion, the procedure tones and tightens skin, leaving it healthier than before.

If you have pigmented lesions that are causing you mental anguish, you should seriously consider laser skin treatment. Baton Rouge residents can rely on our clinic to perform these treatments and help them achieve the appearance you want. Even if you think it sounds extreme, laser lesion removal is worthwhile in order to relieve your anxiety and improve your confidence.