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What Is MiraDry and How Can It Help With Excessive Sweating?

By March 31, 2017May 11th, 2023Dermatology

No one wants to deal with excessive sweating. From embarrassing clothing stains to the unpleasant odor, this problem can affect a person’s confidence, relationship, and even career. For some people, even clinical-strength antiperspirants offer no relief. Luckily, The Dermatologist Clinic can help. We provide MiraDry, a device that is used for permanent sweat treatment.

What Is MiraDry?

MiraDry is a specialized handheld device used to treat axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating in the underarms. This groundbreaking, FDA-approved treatment was developed by Miramar Labs in Sunnyvale, California. MiraDry works as a sweat treatment by eliminating the glands beneath the arms. Most patients will notice a reduction in underarm odor, since the odor is produced by the sweat glands. Many people also report a reduction in unsightly underarm hair.

How Does MiraDry Work?

A dermatologist uses MiraDry to safely and precisely apply noninvasive microwaves to the patient. MiraDry is made to specifically target the underarm region. The microwaves target the area where sweat glands are located. The sweat glands are then rendered nonfunctional through thermolysis, and since they are not thought to grow back, the procedure should be permanent. Since these same glands produce underarm odor, both excessive sweating and foul-smelling sweat can be treated with the same procedure.

Although many patients see results after only one sweat treatment, at The Dermatology Clinic, we recommend two treatments a few months apart for maximum results. The dermatologist will determine the appropriate length of time between treatments.

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