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Is Otezla the Best Way to Combat Psoriasis?

By December 12, 2017May 11th, 2023Dermatology, Skin Care

While there is no known cure for psoriasis, the uncomfortable skin irritation and psoriatic arthritis associated with the disease are very manageable thanks to a variety of treatments. One option is the drug Otezla, a phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor that can stop the body’s symptom-causing inflammatory responses. But is Otezla the best way to combat psoriasis? Here are some of the basics of the drug and how it can help.

What Is Psoriasis, and How Does Otezla Work?

Psoriasis is a non-contagious chronic illness that stems from a number of genetic and external factors, including skin irritation, infections, hormonal changes, and even certain medications. Symptoms appear when the body’s immune system begins producing skin cells far more rapidly than it should.

By inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase 4, Otezla can significantly reduce both the skin irritation and arthritis that arise during a flare-up.

How Is Otezla Administered, and Are There Side Effects?

Otezla is a pill taken daily. It’s offered in doses of 30 mg once or twice a day. To limit the chance of possible side effects, which are generally short-term and include diarrhea, it’s important to begin taking Otezla in smaller doses and gradually increase over the first week.

What Are the Benefits of Otezla Over Other Treatments?

Otezla is easier to take than other psoriasis treatments, which are either injected or applied directly to the skin as a topical ointment. It is also currently being studied against other treatments, and it may prove more effective. It also has not shown any tendency to increase one’s risk of infections. This is different from the injectable medications.

Weight loss has also been noted in around 12 percent of patients taking Otezla. While the drug is expensive, many insurance companies do cover it.

For more information about psoriasis treatment options, including Otezla, talk to your dermatologist, or get in touch with us at The Dermatology Clinic. For your convenience, we have three locations throughout the Baton Rouge area.