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Three Reasons to Avoid Hot Showers

By July 27, 2020May 2nd, 2023Skin Care

After a long, grueling day, a hot shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. Many of us prefer to use hot water when bathing to relax our muscles, feel extra clean, and create a personal spa session. Hot showers are one of the many modern amenities we swear we can’t live without: but are they good for you? Learn more about how hot showers can affect our skin and what protections are needed for our skin barrier.

Skin Cell Damage

Hot water can damage the outermost layer of your skin: the epidermis. Running hot water over your skin can damage the keratin cells located in the epidermis, which can prevent your skin from retaining moisture.

Dry Skin

When the moisture barrier is disrupted or damaged, dry, itchy skin can follow. Dry, cracked skin is the result of oils being stripped from the moisture barrier, leading to less protection. No matter the temperature of your shower, follow it up with a face and body moisturizer to avoid excessive dryness.

Hair Cuticle Damage

Your skin isn’t the only victim in the aftermath of a hot shower; hot water can also damage your hair. The keratin cells in your skin are also present in your hair and are responsible for protecting your hair cuticles. When these cuticles are damaged, excess drying can occur to your hair as well, making it appear brittle and damaged.

What If I Prefer Hot Showers?

Hot showers are very comfortable and can be an excellent opportunity to unwind while at home. If you don’t want to give up hot showers completely, try to limit your time under very hot water to 10 minutes or less. Keeping your shower temperature low or your time showering short can help your skin retain a healthy level of natural oils. You can also exfoliate your skin during your shower to help it strengthen its moisture barrier, keep it smoother, and more resilient.

The team at The Dermatology Clinic can offer professional recommendations for your skincare regimen. We’ve helped clients throughout the Baton Rouge area create skincare plans best suited for their personal goals. Contact us today to get a complete evaluation of your skin and discover which treatment plan can work for you.