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Assemble a Personal Skin Care Regimen

By January 17, 2017May 11th, 2023Dermatology

For most people, it’s a constant search for that delicate balance of hydration, smoothness, and blotch-free skin. Skin is a complex tissue, especially facial skin, and a number of factors shape its unique profile, such as thickness, collagen, natural oils, and more. Explore these tips for crafting a personalized skin care regimen.

Develop a Routine

In a hectic, modern life, skin care issues can be caused by simple neglect. At the least, rinse in the morning before applying make-up for the day, and do a thorough scrubbing at night to remove the make-up and collected grime. A nighttime rinse and an exfoliating facial scrub is a good way to open up pores and let the skin breathe. Find mild skin care products that don’t build up on the surface of the skin and don’t cause fluctuations between oily and dry.

Know Your Skin

Lukewarm water is best to sooth skin while also cleaning it. Be gentle when applying moisturizers, using circular motions for an efficient and relaxing feeling. A delicate skin type may be fine after this, as too many chemicals or scrubbing can damage it. On the other hand, a rougher type, or that which produces more oil, could require additional treatment, especially along the t-zone and the forgotten jawline. Similarly, an exfoliating scrub usually needs to be used once or twice a week, depending on the strength of the skin and exposure during the day. A sampling of products and a close examination of how the skin responds is a good way to find the right options.

Find the Right Products

The beauty product aisle in any store can be overwhelming, resulting in people picking up a random brand and hoping it will work. A good start to remedy this chaos is to read labels and be informed. Isopropyl alcohol is a drying chemical, which is helpful for some oily skin but not, obviously, for already dry skin. Look at the side effects to see if they will exacerbate an already existing problem, such as acne or blackheads. Mix and match products to create the ultimate skin care arsenal!

There is no one cure-all regimen for good skin care maintenance. Our team can work with you to find solutions and help you better understand your skin challenges.

Photo Credit: Luke Lehrfeld