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How to Control Skin as a Teen

By January 24, 2017May 11th, 2023Acne Treatment

A time of transition, no one ever accused the teenage years of being smooth. This extends to skin too, as puberty and its oil can wreak havoc with stubborn acne, scars, blackheads, or all of the above. The Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetic Center has your back (and face). Here are some great tips to cultivate a skin care routine that works towards healthy, glowing skin.

Facial Cleansers

Bar or hand soap will remove some dirt from a face, but not much else. Invest in a cleanser that addresses skin-specific problems, such as dryness, oiliness, or significant acne. Do research too, and read the labels. Isopropyl, for example, will clear up acne by drying the problem area, which will work for some skin types, but not all. No matter the product, wash gently in circular motions, as even small tears in the skin will collect oil and dirt to create additional acne. With a clean face, minimal use of acne-fighting solutions can be integral for skin care, especially when applied before bed.

Scrub & Moisturizer

Exfoliation is a term that gets thrown around a lot by companies and products, but it is important. The primary purpose in a skin care routine is to remove dead skin and clogged up dirt from the pores. Too much scrubbing, or too often, can result in leaving skin raw and vulnerable to attack. Use a gentle product, scrub lightly, and use only a few times a week. Next, it’s time to choose the right moisturizer. Even if it seems off to add a moisturizer to oily skin, they don’t necessarily have a connection. An oil-free moisturizer is probably a good choice, but dry skin comes with its own set of problems, so make sure to get healthy moisture into the pores.

Everyday Tips

Oils and dirt at the end of fingertips can aid in the formation of pimples, so limit contact with the facial region. Furthermore, pick out organic make-ups that are non-comedogenic and always remove them before bed. Lastly, the old rule is still true: don’t pop pimples. This is a tough one to follow, just like not scratching an itch, but any short-term relief will be replaced with the long-term frustration that comes with the reemergence of the pimple, scarring, and swelling.

Explore our top-notch products, skin care services, and find out all the ways our committed team can help you manage skin through the tough teen years.

Photo Credit: Saluda Programa de Salud