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Do Angiomas Require Treatment?

By November 20, 2021May 2nd, 2023Moles

Even if you may write off certain growths or skin irregularities as birthmarks or just something that pops up occasionally, you should get anything that doesn’t look like your skin checked out by a dermatologist. Cherry moles, or angiomas (also commonly known as “cherry angiomas”), are red moles—usually benign—that contain tiny blood vessels that give them their color.

What Are Angiomas?

Cherry angiomas are blood-red, often circular growths that appear raised and smooth or flat against your skin like any neutral-toned mole. They’ll bleed if scratched or cut open, and individuals typically find them on their shoulders, arms, legs, and the back of their neck. Noticing multiple red moles across your skin isn’t an immediate cause for concern, but you should note if any of these growths change in shape, size, or color, as this can indicate symptoms of skin cancer. There are different kinds of angiomas:

-Spider angiomas
-Cherry angiomas

Why Am I Getting Cherry Angiomas?

There isn’t an exact cause that doctors point to for the appearance of angiomas, but there are several factors that can increase an individual’s chance of contracting red moles:

-Exposure to certain chemicals

Professionals, however, have determined a strong link between age and angiomas, as their size and volume tend to increase after a person reaches the age of 30.

Is Angioma Treatment Medically Necessary?

If you’re concerned about your angiomas, you should talk to a medical professional—even if you feel fine. While it’s unlikely that the angiomas on your skin will require emergency treatment, you can still get treatment to remove them for aesthetic reasons. Or you might appreciate some reassurance if you’re concerned about your family’s history with skin cancer or any other major skin issues. A medical professional can treat angioma lesions through laser therapy, electrocauterization, or cryosurgery.

Get Your Skin Checked Out by a Dermatologist

The board-certified doctors at The Dermatology Clinic can help determine if your angioma outbreaks may be occurring because of an underlying medical condition. We treat a wide range of skin issues and also provide medical-grade skin care products for purchase online. Schedule an appointment today for a personal skin consultation at either of our Baton Rouge or Walker locations.