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Partner Product Spotlight: EltaMD

By March 13, 2018May 11th, 2023Skin Care Products

Many dermatologists recognize EltaMD skin care products as an essential part of clients’ skin care plans. These creams and lotions complement rejuvenation treatments for more radiant, youthful-looking skin. Quality ingredients and effective formulas are used, making the EltaMD line a favorite among board-certified dermatologists.

Clean and Moisturize


At our clinic, we regularly treat a wide range of skin conditions including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and volume loss. To enhance these treatments, we recommend daily regimen skin care at home, matching specific products to the needs of each client. EltaMD offers a full line of daily support products that cleanse and moisturize skin of varying types and sensitivities. These products include deep pore facial cleanser, renew eye gel, moisture-rich body cream, and several other good-for-your-skin formulas.

Protect Skin from the Sun

We like to include EltaMD sunscreens in our clients’ care plans because they are safe for even extra-sensitive skin, and they block the widest spectrum of both UVA and UVB rays. An important ingredient in these sunblock skin care products is zinc oxide, a mineral compound that offers maximum protection against sunburns. EltaMD offers broad-spectrum body and facial sunscreen for specific skin types. It’s important to use the right doctor-recommended sunscreen to enjoy maximum protection against the sun, reducing the risk of early skin aging and skin cancer. EltaMD also develops and manufactures wound care lines used by hospitals and burn centers.

We find EltaMD products to be especially helpful as complements to pre- and post-treatment regimens. Cleansers are gentle enough for thorough cleaning of treated skin. Moisturizers maintain the right moisture balance, and sunscreen protects treated skin against sunburns. Other skin care products we distribute include the laser enzyme gel following non-ablative procedures and the laser balm post-procedure healing ointment.

At The Dermatology Clinic, we have an abundance of experience with EltaMD products. Schedule an appointment online or call us at (225) 769-7546 to learn how we can help your skin condition, and how EltaMD partner products can assist in your healing and rejuvenation. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.