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What Makes a Patient a Candidate for Body Contouring?

By September 30, 2019May 11th, 2023Fat reduction

The term “body contouring” refers to a range of procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, that can help remove excess fat from the body of a patient. These procedures include CoolScuplting, Vanquish, liposuction, and tummy tucks. Not everyone is a candidate for a body contouring procedure, however, so patients considering it should discuss the full range of their options with a doctor. Here’s a look at some of the factors that may qualify one as a candidate for body contouring.

Is the Patient’s Weight Stable?


One of the most important requirements to be a candidate for body contouring is not having significant fluctuations in weight. If a patient loses a significant amount of weight following a body contouring procedure, areas of excess skin and new undesirable contours could develop. On the flip side, if a patient gains weight after the procedure, some removed fat cells may return and the skin could become weak, causing stretch marks, scarring, and other complications.

Was the Patient’s Medical History Reviewed?

If the patient is interested in body contouring, there are additional factors to consider. As the doctor will want to ensure a successful and safe procedure and recovery, it’s important that the patient is in good overall physical health, which includes being a non-smoker, being free from medical conditions that could make procedure risky, and committing to a healthy, active lifestyle after the treatment. Patients who undergo nonsurgical treatments should drink plenty of water the days leading up to and following the procedure to help aid the removal of fat cells. All patients considering body contouring should be open and honest when discussing their medical history with a doctor, and they should also set realistic goals and expectations for life after the procedure.

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